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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bad Bad Snow!!!!!!

Hi my friends
Oh i wish this snow would go away now i am fed up of it, its ruined my plans for visiting my family with their
pressies, its so icy too the side roads are treacherous hope it thaws a bit before  Thursday, then me and Rudolf O/H lol !!!! can do our santa rounds. 
Well i have been having trouble with internet explorer not responding again but manged to get on line today after some hours trying, phoned Virgin they said its my Browser but i think it could be the weather Grrrrrrrr.
So not a happy bunny, so if i'm not on here you know why will try and catch up on your blogs as i have missed you all.

And thank you to my new followers
Jacky, Angel, SueWay,Fika, Georgia,Claudia.
Thanks so much Ladies i hope you enjoy my blog and i give some inspiration,
will visit you all soon.

So take care and Keep warm.
Love & Hugs
Betty  x x 



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