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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bad Bad Snow!!!!!!

Hi my friends
Oh i wish this snow would go away now i am fed up of it, its ruined my plans for visiting my family with their
pressies, its so icy too the side roads are treacherous hope it thaws a bit before  Thursday, then me and Rudolf O/H lol !!!! can do our santa rounds. 
Well i have been having trouble with internet explorer not responding again but manged to get on line today after some hours trying, phoned Virgin they said its my Browser but i think it could be the weather Grrrrrrrr.
So not a happy bunny, so if i'm not on here you know why will try and catch up on your blogs as i have missed you all.

And thank you to my new followers
Jacky, Angel, SueWay,Fika, Georgia,Claudia.
Thanks so much Ladies i hope you enjoy my blog and i give some inspiration,
will visit you all soon.

So take care and Keep warm.
Love & Hugs
Betty  x x 



  1. Hi Betty hun..

    Awwww what a shame, we have had the snow again, thickly too, pity it wasn't next week for christmas.
    Merry Christmas hun..

    Huggies Angel

  2. know were you are coming from hun,as lisa may not be able to get here xmas day either,and this will be the first xmas she is not at home,as she left home about,2 months ago and really really miss her dreadfully snow may be beautiful but boy does it have its down falls take care hun and encase I do not here from you happy xmas and happy new year hugs cheryl xxxxxxx
    ps I did send you a card hun,so hope you get it soon,xxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Betty I too hope you get doing your Christmas rounds to your family do be careful over here is the same, I had my mum and aunt in my car with me earlier today and the car started to slide all over the place in a side street thank goodness I got control ok but it is very frighting,
    Have a Wonderful Christmas and Best of Health and Happiness for 2011 chum Hugs
    Sarah x


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