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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

What a plonker

Pooh!! Pooh!! Pooh!! I  have deleted all my comments from my list, and didn't realise 
that it had taken them off my posts what a plonker i am Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
oh well one things for sure i won't be doing that again lesson learnt and smacked hands lol!!
I have 2 weeks off work and doing some painting in the hall and landing 7 doors too will take a while
but it needs doing then after that some crafting eh eh woo woo .
Hope your ok my friends and for those under the weather
a big comforting hug from me.

Take care now
Hugs Betty x x


  1. I do this some times lol it bugs me as there is no way of getting them back!
    Happy decorating

  2. Could a blog award cheer you up a bit? There is one on my blog for you. Just get it when you are ready. x

  3. ur card is lovely


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